Sassani being

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Sassani being for Deborah

Notes for the client:

This is a member of the Sassani civilization. It is NOT Bashar, but someone equally involved in Contact and interstellar communication. He appeared to me sitting at the "round table", with a distinct hit that other people at the meeting were all different star civilizations. It felt important, like a council type event.

I also felt like what you can see in his eyes is a reflection of some kind of a portal that they are all looking at, or through, above the center of the table. The whole round table / portal idea may be a symbolic interpretation / translation of his role into concepts that are familiar to us humans. I couldn't access more about the meeting or his role though, so I am switching my focus on personal connection with you, and his own energy.

It has taken me over 10 days to tune in and depict him because his energy was so intense and I kept trying to bring through as much of that frequency in the image. But I had to take long grounding breaks every now and then because I felt I was frying my circuits a bit LOL. So I took my time. I still feel like I could maybe only bring through about 10%, and was told by my guides that this is enough for the image to do its intended purpose.

You told me today you are feeling intense energies and a pushing to know the self. As you probably already know through Bashar's teachings, they really are all about knowing the self. When we hear that said, or think about it, most of us don't really grasp the depth of all that it means though. At least I often don't, until it hits me in an encounter like this (when I am doing my artwork and connecting to these beings), where the reflection is so huge that it brings up feelings of inadequacy and all kinds of doubts and insecurities.

So that is also the part of knowing the self, and this being certainly has the most loving reflection, allowing all of it to come up to the surface and holding the space for it, while at the same time catalyzing more to come up. A very intense acceleration.

But of course that's just one part of it, he is here to reflect, connect, close the circuit and assist with the flow of your knowing of your true infinite nature. But with a spiciness only a Sassani can bring. You are one of the souls who resonates with this type of approach and specific hybrid / Sassani energy. So to speak, you don't like beating around the bush and want to go straight to the core. And this is also a reflection in his eyes, the galactic core.

He knows you can connect to the pulse of the galaxy, as it's been called in Lyssa Royal's contact work. To the spark of the infinite creation. This Sassani being is one of your very strong connections, and definitely most relevant at this time for what you are aiming for. The kind of integrity and sovereignty his reflection is offering can deeply assist you in purging, healing and moving on from any unfinished business towards this direct conduit with cosmic intelligence and unconditional love. Which is the Self as well. So that circuit is closed and operational, and he is here to reflect this to you, from him, your Higher Self and from the galactic heart.

It is so simple and so profound that I am sitting here in awe, yet unable to put more words into explaining it as I feel you will know exactly what I am talking about.

This process of transmutation and knowing the self can be scary, and painful, and a bit rocky, but you know you are in sync with this galactic pulse, AND your Sassani friend and guide, soul mate in a platonic sense, and most importantly, your Higher Self. And by knowing the flow with your Higher Self everything else falls into place.

I am feeling like he will be here for you especially in times of challenges, to remind you of your conviction, and to assist you with your course correction in regards to your Higher Self guidance. He is not a guide in a sense we usually use that word, he is simply redirecting you to guide yourself and refine your communion with your higher levels of existence, which guarantees the harmonic resonance with the galactic heart and its tempo of expansion.

I did not receive a name, and you already know that they don't have names as they are teleMpathic (Bashar for example simply means messenger). So maybe you will receive a frequency to address him with, maybe not, but you can always use this image as a permission slip to tune in to this stream of consciousness. And remember, it's not about the details of the picture, even though there are a lot of symbols there. It is about feeling the frequencies and then following your own thread of connection.

So much fun!! Thank you for allowing me to be a conduit for this.

P.S. For those who are not familiar with the Sassani race or Bashar whom I mention in the text, he's a hybrid being who is being channeled by Darryl Anka for over 30 years. The being I depicted is also a member of that race.

You can find out more at bashar.org