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Joaquim of the YahYel for Alina

Notes for the client:

He is a member of the YahYel race, hybrid human race who are said to be the first hybrids who will make open contact with us. He is around 5'3'' tall (or around 163cm), very well built, and he looks much younger than his age. In our terms he would be around 30 years perhaps. However, he is a much older and wiser soul, coming from a specific lineage that has certain gifts.

His tunic looks very simple and natural, but there are what looks like golden threads woven in. He has chosen a specific role in his society, and it is hard to explain but it has something to do with peering into probable timelines and working with synchronicities. He observes the flow of energies or ether, however you want to call it. I would call him a navigator, as it is the best word to describe what he does, but it's related to time and space both.

I feel people like him and others who are in this "branch" are going to be the ones who give a "green light" for opportune moments of contact or ship sightings. A lot of the YahYel people are relying on the wisdom and insight of these navigators. They can all travel through dimensions so to speak, but when it comes to collective actions this is where navigators facilitate and shine with their wisdom.

It is not as if he is sitting somewhere in a room meditating and looking into parallel realities, he is very proactive and does his work/play "on the go". The method by which he decides and feels into these opportune moments is by connecting the mind with the heart, for he not only peers into probable timelines of events, but emotional experiences as well. The ripples within timelines of each individual involved and those who connect to them. That's a lot of beings.

I have never met someone like this before, who fulfills this role, so I am very fascinated with him. I have a feeling many races have such people, at least among those who are not relying on A.I to calculate these things. And it feels they are born with this gift even though it also requires specific training.

As I am connecting with him I can feel his gaze into my timelines and into our timelines here on Earth. It truly is breathtaking to experience just a tiny portion of what he sees and how he sees. Such a complex orchestration, so many things moving, influencing one another, some fractals lighting up other ones spreading out in different directions.. Like a beautiful piece of classical music with many instruments playing, waxing and waning.

He is also a teacher / instructor, but not for humans, for members of the YahYel. For those who wish to hone their psychic abilities in that direction, and he is very very respected for this.

You knew he was going to come through, when you asked for a portrait, even though you didn't know what exactly you were asking. You both are coming from the same lineage, this is your connection. You have these gifts as well. To navigate realities and shine the light to the most optimal one, offering a choice to others to choose that one if they so desire. But not forcing them to of course. At the crossroads of all the possible roads the Earth can take right now, you are connecting to Joaquim and he is connecting to you, in the Now of the synchronicity, amplifying your beacons of clarity and light.