Keepers of the Tree

Martian Reptilians
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Keepers of the Tree - for Joshua T.

Notes for the client:

Ok, so this is what I am getting, take it with a grain of salt as always, as you establish/remember your own connection to this being. He belongs to a race that is native to Mars. One of the races, that is. They are of tribal nature, similar to Native Americans in regards to being warriors deeply connected with the land. They have sages, shamans, scientists, fighters, breeders, healers.. all kinds of roles within their society, and they are all valued. Your connection is what we would call a shaman. These are individuals that connect to other worlds. To our world in this instance. These are their "diplomats" although that expression doesn't even come close as it is based in spirit.

Now here's the kicker. They are reaching out to us, and have been for some time now. To those of us who are open to communication and establishing some kind of a relationship with them, not talking about military or government. That's a different story.

From what I am getting from him, and from my own connection to them (which I haven't really been developing yet to be honest but it's there for a few years now) - this race wishes to cooperate with those who are willing to help restore their planet. It is not about terraforming exactly, but that is also an option. They seem to have a huge vault underground, or vaults, where a lot of seeds, plants and trees have been stored from before the Martian cataclysm. I know it sounds crazy, I am not even certain how much of what I am getting now is accurate, but I trust everyone to use their discernment so I am sharing anyways. So then, this is their treasure. They have been guarding it with their lives.

He showed me a gigantic tree that is branching wildly inside the cave system, and they consider it sacred. I don't know if it's just this one tree, like a tree of life idea, or they have many like that all over the place, but it is something that they have planted and nurtured through generations. I cannot tap into their history to see if they were the ones creating the vaults with seeds or was it someone else and they just kind of took over, but right now the responsibility is theirs. They are the stewards of the lost ecosystem.

The shaman ( he gave no names that I can use for him ) is quite ancient, not all of them look the same. They also have different colors and it seems like they can adapt similar to chameleons, but he is choosing mostly brown to remind him of the barren surface of their planet. It is almost an ascetic gesture, that's the intention I am tapping into. But I have seen beautiful dark greens and blues as well. Perhaps others are like that, or perhaps they have been that way in ancient history when Mars still had the full atmosphere and rich plant life.

What I am also getting is that they would cooperate with all of the beings on Mars with one goal - restoring the planet. However, they haven't met many humans (or others) that have pure intentions in regards to that, which is why they are reaching out in spirit. Not all of them from their race are like that. They, just like us, have different opinions on 'foreigners' and some of them are even hostile to humans, but only if we threaten their stewardship and the planet itself.

They are not allied with the Draco, that's for sure. From what I can tell, they evolved differently and have humanoid DNA within them to some degree. I wish I could tap into more when it comes to their origins but it feels impolite. Even the story about the tree felt like something very precious to them, but the shaman wanted you to know, even though I conveyed that this will be shared publicly.

A message from him to you and from them to us:

"There are things that bind us in our quest. Roots in the soil. Light in the sky. Through these, we shall find more. And we shall know more of one another."