Nordic Ambassador

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She came through while I was working for a client and wouldn't let me finish until I depicted her. Then I thought I was done but she also wanted to convey a lot of messages. I have so far only "recorded" one, via automatic writing. But she definitely wishes to say more. It was very hard for me to shift away from her energy and into the work I was doing, but she did let me finish the previous portrait I posted. Now she's back.

There is a reason why I am posting her with a huge watermark. She will not allow her message to be hijacked. So much clarity in her energy, I feel so close to her. I believe she is a possible future self of mine, or like we say an ET counterpart. Definitely some kind of an ambassador.

I am not yet sure if she is the same being I am connected to that I depicted before (Hanora) or another, but I believe she belongs to Nordic and/or Pleiadian group.

The image is just a tidbit of what I see when I look at her, she is standing in the middle of a shuttle area of a huge mothership with a lot of traffic and a lot of different beings are walking around. I will depict that later but this needed to be posted today according to her and my own feeling about it.

Below is the message she was sending:

More than anything, we wish to accomplish peace and serenity amongst all those who wish to co-create in this galaxy. We are of reason and love, and we see you as our brothers and sisters who are on the same path. Give yourselves a precious gift of understanding the heart of your pilgrimage. It has been a long time since you embarked on this journey, and you are maturing with every step and hardship. Only love can heal the wounds, but only clarity brings peace.

We greet you with a clear eye, and clear heart, acknowledging your efforts and hard work, and how much you have overcome. Know that there is family here. We are many shapes and colors and we are all in unison for prosperity and thriving of all life. Manifestation of the connections is what brings you closer to us. Connections, threads, ties to your fellow man have always been there. It is your power to uncover them, set them ablaze with your intention and life force and bring it through, to your reality and experience. This happens organically, and you will know when these fractals start blooming.

Do not force it as it cannot be forced. Simply allow it when it comes. It will be a result of you opening your heart and clearing your mind. Simple things work best, above and below. And like a crystal clear cold and fresh spring water, your beingness will start to flow through all obstacles. And everyone who drinks from it will be refreshed, rejuvenated and reborn. Offer it freely then, because it is a Fountain of Life and it can never run out.

As you do this, one by one you connect to all life on your birthground, and vibrant bloodstream is created throughout your reality. It will be a living, pulsating network that will turn every tide. This is where you will see us, lovingly offering our streams of beingness to connect to yours.

I am honored and humbled by my human siblings. I am.