Light Being

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Light Being for Jared

Notes for the client:

This is a light being, but has very distinctive ET vibrations too (not that one excludes the other of course). I feel Christ, Archangel Uriel and Melchizedek Consciousness from him, coupled with Lyran lineage. I feel like his essence is traversing galaxies, he is definitely doing some light work on a large scale.

He showed himself to me with a golden face and light was shining through him. White light, that absorbed golden tones as it was going through him. He is a cosmic traveler and has visited and worked with many worlds. Ascended Master comes to mind as a definition, even though I am not even sure anymore what exactly does that mean as it means different things to different people.

I was surprised that he showed himself to me with a short spiky white hair, I thought that was very fashionable and sci-fi looking. I am not sure why exactly did he choose this form but I just receive and go with it

His expression is quite individuated, I don't feel a collective consciousness as I usually do with ETs who are that highly evolved, so he is definitely representing an archetype of sorts as his own beingness. I can feel his "person" so to speak, like I could sit and talk with him for hours, and at the same time I feel Source / God presence that is enveloping and healing my heart. Infinite eternal love, peace and clarity. Very nurturing, open and accepting.

The word I am getting is "ennobling", when I feel into his specific signature. Just like the white light becomes golden when flowing through him, his presence ennobles energies and matter into more refined, more sophisticated expressions. I believe this is also connected to evolution, his expression is one of the instruments of evolution in a way. Of course that is true for all of us, but this feels like his specific mission.

You are working with these energies on your journey right now, and learning to abide in your light and beingness more and more, rather than doing. He is here for you always, to remind you that you too are a light being with your own path of ennobling.

Background image by Hubble