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Valomar for Daisy

Notes for the client:

He is one of the representatives of Association of the Worlds from what I can see. I see many races and peoples, and a lot of different locations within the galaxy, bustling hubs that seem to be huge motherships too.

It may sound odd, but I am feeling avian frequencies from him. He definitely has the bird's eye perspective on reality, but aside from that his signature feels avian. I am wondering if at times he chooses to project himself as an avian humanoid. It feels true but also like it's more complex than that explanation. His expression feels quasi physical, but he can easily project his consciousness into physicality. I saw him both as bald headed and with long white hair, so I have chosen to depict the latter.

It's hard to pinpoint a race he belongs to. When I was working on him I thought he was one of the blue Pleiadians, then I got he has Sirian energies, then I got Andromedan. He seems to be a blend of different energies, probably some kind of a hybrid or advanced enough not to be identified with specific origins. Possibly a race I don't have in my vocabulary / inner database too. But I am still feeling some ancient avian vibrations strongly related to him. Like a Horus archetype (minus the mythology and stories related to Horus).

There is a lot of conviction about him, an intense presence for sure. But the conviction is not about action, but about trusting the universe and its flow. This seems to be a pattern, most of the beings I have had the honor to connect to lately have been conveying this specific concept. It's not about pasivity either. It is about being impeccably aligned with the divine nature of what we are, and letting it steer the ship through the sea of perpetual change. A ship not fueled by passion or anxiety directed at anything we perceive outside, but by our very connection to our innermost being, and letting it radiate. It is definitely an art.

He is conveying to me that you have a strong connection with him, and with the Association of the Worlds. You have been experiencing this in your dreams, although you might not yet remember it as such. Valomar is also conveying that if you desire, you can learn to channel him in whichever form you prefer. Visual or vocal or in writing, or whatever feels most aligned with you.