Orion connection
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Mikayel - Orion connection for Steve

Notes for the client:

Ohh this one is so mysterious. Definitely Orion related. You have mentioned that you connect to a lifetime where your expression was involved with the Orion Crusades, and that this expression was blackmailed into being a part of it. I am not quite getting this from this being, more so like a past lesson that he integrated and is now here to be the example of that integration. At least this is the version of him that came through as the most relevant for you at this time.

I should note that the way I see it and have been taught, other lives (past, parallel, future) are not our own. They are beings we connect to, as they connect to us, in the now, to blend energies and learn what is relevant from one another. Which is why many people can connect to the same lifetime (like Cleopatra or some celebrities etc). This does not take away from the experience of course.

However, within the stream of the Oversoul, there are specific blueprints where soul groups choose certain themes to explore, and those within those soul groups or Oversoul are more likely to connect. Like future selves of people who channel for instance.

I would say that this being is an archetype being that many can connect to, but you also have a strong lineage connection to him that enables you to integrate a lot of what he has to share.


The galactic lessons he carries are many. Main structure / storyline is that a very linear pattern of thinking that was not intuition and heart based took him on a journey of self discovery. He had no other choice but to go forward.

He found the inner courage to let go of struggle and control, in service to others he found a way out of that limited paradigm, in seeing the bigger picture while knowing how little things count - he transformed from within. In a way, he has chosen this path that eventually transformed him into a lighthouse in the dark.

While being of service to the whole in the storyline / drama of his life, he has learned that all is One. Even when he initially believed he was serving the "wrong" side, or that anyone had the power to force him into anything. It feels like it was a conscious decision. Something I have been seeing and has been showing up a lot lately on our world. This version of "subterfuge" energy that willingly engages in stories, just to be transformed by them, and in turn - transform the very stories they resisted, by being part of them. Not forcefully though. There was no plotting involved. I hope that makes sense!

He is definitely human-like, slightly unusual facial structure, more elven-like as we would imagine, but still very human. No pointy ears lol.

His essence does not push or struggle about anything. He is not imposing his light or will onto anyone, he simply is. Getting a flavor of Christ energy, but not as described in our history. More pure and ascended, rather than the human version we hear about. Like Bashar said many times - the greatest power requires the lightest touch. His energy and love touches all, and yet nobody knows his face. Knots untie and heart shields drop in his presence, with ease and gentleness. His footsteps are light and his light is not blinding.

The name that came through is not connected to our mythology and religious teachings or figures. He is not an Archangel. However, he did play a key role in the Orion paradigm. Just as many others like him did. So I would say he was more a carrier of that energy/essence of integration of polarities, by his very existence and example.

The way I heard the name was Mick like in Mickey then 'ah', and then 'yell'. With the accent at the end. MikayEL. - don't know how to spell that properly

As always, take what resonates and let go of the rest. Your heart knows best how to utilize this connection.