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Naga being for Nejc

I am so excited about this connection. Such an amazing opportunity to connect to this very ancient being. He is one of the Naga people, and has been involved in Earth's history aeons ago. Not quite what we would call reptilian as we usually think of them, more like snake people. Very intense energy here, requires proper grounding to communicate with without getting a headache lol. He has come to you now to help initiate you into the deepest levels of your consciousness, and he is a serious and unrelenting teacher. He is a record keeper of sorts, a sacred scribe, but these words fall short and are almost insulting to the vast spectrum of his knowledge and wisdom. However, in order to receive snake's wisdom, one has to get bitten. In other words, overcoming the need for protection (from our own shadows) is a test of willpower and determination. This is not about giving power away, or sacrificing anything except for the ego play of a human psyche that prevents us from learning about the alien, hidden and unknown parts of ourselves. This is where true empowerment lies, and this is an invitation for you to go through this initiation. A trip to the underworld of your psyche.

Throughout our history snakes have been revered as a symbol of the unconscious (and the underworld) in many different cultures. Only with the rise of Christianity has this symbol been corrupted, preventing us from getting in touch with the whole of ourselves and making us believe there are parts that need to be suppressed, shamed, and discarded in any way possible. This artificially created duality has allowed suppressed parts of ourselves to marinate under the surface and get distorted, turning our inherent healthy flow of power into weakness others can prey on. Now the planet is going through a massive transformation of consciousness and the first step is always the hardest, once these things start coming up to the surface and we start judging them without even looking at them properly for what they are. Each of us has a responsibility to meet ourselves fully and we will all do it in our own unique way, aided by our galactic and spiritual connections. There is an immense creative power within you that awaits to be unleashed, on the other side of your trip to the underworld. You are of course able to decide whether you want to take that trip or not, but this being showing up for you definitely signifies that now is the perfect time to learn who you truly are as an infinite being, and the things that are untrue will get burned by the fire of infinite intelligence. What an honor!