Universal Template

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Universal Template for Helen

Notes for the client:

Your guides wanted me to depict something very mysterious. But first I want to say that I saw their ethereal bodies. It is not them who are on this image. They were floating in very bright golden light, with long hair flowing behind them like underwater, or in space without gravity. They looked very angelic. It was all too bright to see details, and they didn't show themselves individually but it was a whole collective. I could feel the vibration of many souls merged into unity that cannot be depicted individually.

What followed was me creating this depiction and then being very confused about it for a while, as I did not know what it was about. But then I received synchronicities and downloads which explained it to a degree, so I will try to put that into words.

This is not any particular being. It is a universal template. A depiction of a state. It relates to water and consciousness traveling through pathways in the body. Whether that body is human, or extraterrestrial, or even etherial. In the case of our physical bodies, it speaks of the fluid in our bodies that carries information through our spinal chord and the brain. It is also related to kundalini rising, and pineal gland.

When we are in states of deep unconditional love and alignment with the Source, our energy bodies expand into the universe. And like trees are antennae that communicate with other planets and worlds, our nervous system and energetic threads expand outward, outside of our physical bodies and strengthen the communication between our body and higher intelligence (Source). We start to glow.

This image being symbolic, the water / crystalline tree expands much further than shown, and it also goes down with its roots, into the center of the planet. In the center of the image is the DNA, which is who we are as physical beings. But the movement of our consciousness and the vibration we hold determines what happens with the DNA, and also how much in sync we feel with the universal flow. It symbolizes our ethereal DNA which has many more strands, just like we have energy vortices or chakras that are above our head as well.

The vision I depicted felt purifying, healing and inspiring me to drop all preconceptions. After I gained a bit of clarity about what I depicted, immediately I felt this flow and slipped into a state of serene silence and timeless beingness. I could feel something in my body changing, some kind of alchemy happening.

I didn't manage to get any more clarity than this about it, and I feel there are layers upon layers of downloads that are for you to unravel. But I want you to know that your guides have so much love for you and that they trust you will know what to do with this image and information at your own pace.