Torin Ilai

Pleiadian from star system Taygeta
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Torin Ilai, Pleiadian connection for Steven

Notes for the client:

His name is Torin Ilai. He is a Pleiadian, an individual who holds a lot of responsibility and is highly regarded in their society. Since Pleiadian is a very wide term, I was trying to find out which of the star systems he is connected to, and I got Taygeta.

This explained my confusion about doing 2 different versions of the portrait! I couldn't make up my mind between the 2 versions and I kept feeling like both are important. But only as I looked up Taygeta after he mentioned it, did it become clear to me. I didn't even know it was a binary system. One of the reasons for 2 identical portraits with different lighting was 2 different stars. And it turns out one is blue and the other one yellow similar to our Sun. (thank you Wikipedia LOL).

So after I received this confirmation I got the next increment of the download. As I was working on his depictions, I felt two very distinct energies. He feels completely different in these two images even though they are identical except for the light and background. The download was about the light spectrum relating to blueprints of beings from that solar system. Now I know this is controversial but this is what I am understanding: Their two suns have masculine and feminine polarities. I do not know if this is true for all binary systems and I am not claiming any big discovery here. The two suns are in a dance with one another, even if they are complete on their own, they are complements to each other.

This enables beings such as Torin Ilai to have access to multiple levels of integration between polarities. To them our paradigm of mother Gaia and father Sun is not applicable. And who knows, maybe it won't be applicable for us either as we are finding more truths about our Solar System and home planet, but I digress. There is much to discover here about the nature of reality for beings birthed in a binary system like this. I will leave that pondering to you, as well as discovery of different energies within the two images.

Torin Ilai has this "fleet commander" vibration I cannot shake. I am not saying there is a fleet he is commanding as part of their 'military'. I don't know if they have that, or if they do how many fleets they have. But this level of importance or rank, similar to this, is what I am getting. Perhaps a distinguished diplomat, or star cluster representative, whatever the roles they have in their society.

I cannot translate the vibration I am getting aside from running it through my mind and comparing it to what I am familiar with. But the "fleet commander" has the closest ring to it for some reason. A very broad role with a lot of wisdom required to handle all the responsibilities. I know he also does space exploration, scientific and diplomatic missions, and some form of advisory role to other races or in some kind of a galactic or local cluster council.

He's been showing me Merope and the The Merope Nebula, but I am not getting why exactly. Feels like he is working with whatever life forms or races are situated there.

As I am getting all this info, I am asking for narrowing down the focus, so that I can bring through more about your connection to him. He is saying "Kin" and it came through as a crystal clear high pitched sound / frequency. It resonated deeply and for a long time, like a sound of a bell being struck in a temple. This is all that I got from him, and I know it doesn't sound like much but it was very profound, almost overwhelming and involving a lot of the senses at the same time. I translated it all to the best of my ability. :)