Member of the YahYel civilization
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Violet for Fenny

Notes for the client:

She is a member of the YahYel hybrid race. She comes from your lineage, carrying a lot of your genes. A very high vibrational being, and she relates her name to the color spectrum and frequency rather than a flower, but the flower also reflects that same idea so it's both.

She says that we all have the ability to heal. Ourselves and others. This ability is God given and it works in most profound ways. It is the healing of the soul. Aligning with our divinity and letting the presence of the One flow through us like water. This is life force itself.

Her very being is doing this at all times. She radiates rejuvenation and soothing, healing, loving energies.

From what I understand, she works with hybrid children in a very interesting capacity. Specific children who have chosen to interact more with our realm and its duality. They can experience distortions while they are learning to adjust their vibration to come closer to ours. In our world she would be called a trauma healer, but that is a harsh word for their civilization. They don't experience it the way we do, these are much more subtle levels, but some type of realigning is still necessary to receive and learn. It is also for those who wish to be able to work with humans and help in this.

I assume you are a healer yourself judging by your email name, so these ideas are not foreign to you. She is very much assisting you on your path and in your explorations but also learning through you and from you things she uses in her work.