Vashta Narada’s Galactic Art

Representations of entities from different densities, dimensions and realms of consciousness
You know that moment when you see something your recognize and feel at peace? That is what I feel when I look at this art. As if I have met them all before. Awesome!
You are opening the portals to imagination for all to see by example. You are lettings us visually experience how we really do communicate and create all the time. You are helping us wake up to our full potential. Your energy is contagious and ignites others to leave their limitations behind and expand their own light as one.
We love you for helping express what some of us aren't able to but you seem to do quite well. Even better is when each person begins to connect to see what you, I and others have been so very blessed to be shown, we are of GOD and it's time to PLAY in his creation with other creation.
Thank you for sharing these amazing experiences and images. It helps ease the rest of us into this fantastic new and wonderful world - and if we hear (and see) what to expect, that helps remove some of our own fear with the unknown, as well.